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Free Practical Taxation, Efiling and Online Work Knowledge of different taxes like Goods and Services Tax (GST), TDS, Income Tax, Payroll, PF, ESI as Required in Accounts job Interviews

Easy notes,charts and examples of different taxes are provided for easy understanding

All taxes are regularly updated with recent changes and amendments

For every topic ,there are assignments which you can download and do yourselves starting from Basic to Advanced

This will help you update your knowledge and get good job offers and do well in Accounts job Interviews

After doing these assignments ,you can check the answers on Teachoo

Here,main focus is on following

  • Entries in Tally
  • Computation
  • Challan
  • Return
  • Interview Questions

Practical TDS (Non Salary)

  • What is TDS
  • When is TDS Due
  • TDS Payable Entries
  • Rates of TDS
  • Challan Procedure
  • Return Procedure
  • Issue of Certificates
  • Concept of 15CA 15CB
  • Concept of 15G 15H
  • TDS Receivable Entries
  • Recent Changes in TDS (Non Salary)
  • TDS On Sale of Property
  • TCS (Tax Collected at Source)
  • TDS Interest and Penalty Calculation
  • TAN Number Registration

Practical Payroll (TDS Salary,PF,ESI)

  • Introduction
  • TDS on Flat Salary
  • TDS on Salary with Allowances
  • TDS on Salary with Perquisites
  • TDS on Employee Savings And Declarations
  • TDS Salary Statutory Compliances
  • PF (Provident Fund)
  • ESI (Employee State Insurance)
  • Payroll Processing Procedure
  • Recent Changes in Payroll or TDS Salary

Practical Income Tax

  • Basics of Income Tax
  • Income Tax for Salaried Employees
  • Income Tax for Small Business
  • Income Tax for Audit Cases (Non Co)
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Important Points of Different Incomes
  • E-filing Procedure
  • Important Changes in Income Tax 2019 -20

GST – Goods and Services Tax, India

  • GST Basics
  • GST Computation & Accounting
  • GST Registration & Migration
  • GST Return, Challan and Invoice Format
  • GST Acts and Rules
  • GST Impact
  • GST News & Updates

Budget Amendments – Changes in 2020

  • Budget Changes Finance Act 2020 (FY 2019-20 AY 2020-21)
  • Budget Changes 2019
  • Budget Changes 2018
  • Income Tax Budget Changes 2017
  • TDS Budget Changes 2017

Different Taxes In India

Practical VAT CST

  • Journal Entries for Vat CST
  • Input Vat Admissability
  • Vat Debit Note Credit Note Entries
  • Different CST Forms
  • Vat Challan Procedure
  • Vat Return Procedure
  • Recent Changes in DVAT

Practical Service Tax

  • Basics
  • Service Tax Computations
  • Challan Procedure and Due dates
  • Return Procedure and Due Dates
  • Concept of Input Service Distributor
  • Concept of Point of Taxation
  • Important Exemptions
  • Registration Procedure
  • Concept of Abatement
  • Concept of RCM (Reverse Charge and Partial Reverse Charge)
  • Special Rates of Service Tax
  • Recent Changes (Important Amendments)
  • Service Tax Interview Questions

Practical Excise

  • Basics of Excise
  • Excise Duty Computation Basics
  • Concept of First Stage Dealer
  • Concept of SSI
  • Excise Challan Procedure
  • Excise Return Procedure
  • Different Excise Records
  • Cenvat of Imports

Practical WCT (Work Contract Tax)

  • Meaning of Work Contract Tax
  • Service Tax on Work Contract
  • Vat on Work Contract
  • TDS on Work Contract
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